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Raja Boxing RAJA Boxing Gloves (Premium) - GOLD/BLACK for sale.  [RJ-G-100-GDBK]

RAJA Boxing Gloves (Premium) - GOLD/BLACK RAJA Boxing Gloves (Premium) - GOLD/BLACK

RAJA Boxing Gloves (Premium) - GOLD/BLACK

Raja Boxing Product code: RJ-G-100-GDBK
82.95 USD 160.00 USD 48% off !
Material: Genuine Leather
  • 8OZ
  • 10OZ+ $2
  • 12OZ+ $4
  • 14OZ+ $6
  • 16OZ+ $8
This item is not available at the moment.
Q: Why Premium?
A: RAJA Boxing explains that this item is made of superb material. The leather and padding inside is a premium grade and better than that of other normal Muay Thai equipment.
Status meaning
In-stock : dispatched within 1-2 working days.
MTO (Made-to-order) : production needs 5-8 weeks before dispatch
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