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Reward Point Program

Muay Thai Factory

Earn points every time you spend!

Muay Thai Factory's Reward Point Program is our special program to thank you for being our customers and continuing using our services. With this program, you will be offered many benefits such as converting your reward points to CASH for your next purchases.

You will receive reward points every time you place an order with us and the reward points will show up on 'Your Account' page after your payment has cleared. For every 1 USD you spend on any items, you will receive up to 2 reward points. (Shipping cost is not included) You can check how much points you currectly have by logining into 'Your Account' and your points will display on the welcome page.

How to use your reward points

You can turn your reward points to CASH when you are on the checking out process. On the order confirmation page, there is a text box which you can enter some or all of your points to be converted to your cash. That's all!

How to join the program

To join this program, please login to 'Your Account' section and check the 'Join MuayThaiFactory's Reward Point Program' checkbox under 'Your preference section'. If the checkbox is not checked, no point will go to your account. By joining this program, you will receive promotion alert via email and you will no longer miss our special deals.

Thank you for your interest in our reward point program.