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Muay Thai       Muay Thai or Kickboxing is well-known martial art,which involves using various parts of human body(head, fists, elbows, knees and foot) as weapows itself. However, the origin of Muay is still unclear and there are so little evidences proving the exact established period including founders.

      Some believe that "Muay" is probably a derivation of "Mavya", Sanskrit - an ancient Indian language. Mavya directly means "to make things united" but in term of Muay it may indirectly represent four elements of Muay which are created by binding or making united; Mongkon on the worrior's head; Prajied for worrior's biceps; Kaad Chuek of worrior's fists; and the uttering of incantations for worrior's spilit.

      In the first place, Muay is a necessary knowledge that every boy and man had to practise persistancely in order to protect country from marauders and for self-defending. According to historical evidences, Muay focused on critical target points on opponents' body such as glottis, rib and head, so that it can be used for overcoming enemies in just a few postures or can cause severe impacts. Certainly, it may give a bloody dead to enemies.

      Although the origins of Muay are ambiguous, Muay, hand-to-hand combat, can be found in Indochina region including recent Thailand and it's neighbours, Burma, Laos and Cambodia. For instance, a yearly Muay Lao contest is held in Nong Kai near Thailand-Laos border close to the Maekong River. Meanwhile, a familiar competition, Muay Burma, is staged in Maesord district of Tak province , Thailand, near Burma boundary in Songkran festival, Thai New Year(13th April) annually.

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