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Amulet and Muay Thai

Amulet and Muay Thai

Superstitious belief has long been existed in Thai society since the ancient time. The miracle power has influenced every walk of life and every sort of arts including arts of fighting or Muay Thai.

In the realm of Thai boxing, like any other vocational Thai practices, teachers are the person to be respected to the utmost as they are the creators of the arts. Students must always be obedient, polite and grateful to their teacher. Teachers not only spread their knowledge and technique to students, but they also instruct boxers to cite magic spell. Before the match starts, teachers also give their fighters the protective incantation to make sure of the power and strength. Many ancient Thai drawings can clearly prove this practice. The drawing of Thai warriors during battle shows the magical signs, letters and numbers imprinted on their shirts and tattoos on their body. These protective charms are believed to help protect them from arrow, sword and bullets.

Unfortunately, the belief in the ancient charms has been weakened as they have been used by those with mischievous purposes. However, some of the belief remains until present as followed.

Head Bands or Mongkon

Muay Thai Head Bands or Mongkon

Boxers wear Mongkon in their rite called "Wai Kruu" before the match begins. In this ritual, the aim of which is to pay homage to the Muay-Thai teacher, boxers perform a special boxing dance. The trainer will then remove Mongkon when this dance ends.

Mongkon is invented by practitioners of Muay Thai. Its main part is a narrow strip of cloth resembling a finger-thick cord which is imprinted with magical letters and signs. It is tied with a sacred sewing thread called SaiSin and covered with a second cloth strip blessed by a magical master. Last but not least, it is twisted into a helix and its ends are tied together into a tail. When Mongkon is put on the boxers head, the tail extends from the back of the head. However, some Mongkons are simply made of a coil of plain rope.

Mongkon is very popular among fighters in every region of Thailand. In the ancient time, you could tell which origin of each boxer by observing his Mongkon and boxing dance style but at present the difference is not that distinguishable. However, no matter which design it has, Mongkon is believed to provide an auspicious and protective charm to the fighters.

Arm Bands or Prajied / Prajiet / Praciat

Prajied or Muay Thai Arm Bands

Another important protective charm is the Praciat. It is worn around boxers' biceps in the fight. It is made of a piece to thin white cloth called " Pha salu." It is usually in red. However, the color may be different depending on the preferences of the teacher or the type of protective charms.

It contains sacred symbols called "maha amnart" or "chatri mahayanta" blessed by the magic arts masters. In the ancient time, as illustrated in drawings, Thai warriors wore Praciat on their arms or head in the battlefield to miraculously prevent dangers.

There are also other superstitious beliefs regarding the art of boxing. For example, there was an anecdote about a woman who climbed in under the ropes and entered the ring before a match starts. It appeared that, without any reasons, the boxing matches that day lasted much shorter than before as every bout ended with a knockout because the boxers gained cuts. Since then, women have been banned inside the ropes.

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