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Siamtops Gladiator shorts-  Rectangle Flaps (NoShortsUnder) for sale.  [ST-S-117-A]

Gladiator shorts-  Rectangle Flaps (NoShortsUnder)

Gladiator shorts- Rectangle Flaps (NoShortsUnder)

Siamtops Product code: ST-S-117-A
28.95 USD 52.00 USD 44% off !
Material: Satin
  • SMTO
  • MIn-stock
  • LIn-stock
  • XLIn-stock
  • 3L+ $2In-stock
  • 4L+ $4In-stock
  • 5L+ $6
  • 6L+ $8
Size chart
SIAMTOPS Muay Thai size
SIAMTOPS Muay Thai shorts
Size Waist (to fit) L
S 23 up to 28 14
M 26 up to 31 15
L 29 up to 34 16
XL (LL) 32 up to 37 17
XXL (3L) 35 up to 40 18
4L 38 up to 44 19
5L 41 up to 47 20
6L 44 up to 52 21
  • In inches
  • Size chart is as a rough guide.
  • Selecting size by considering you like to ware it loose or tight.
  • Sizes of Muay Thai shorts vary among brands and styles.
Status meaning
In-stock : dispatched within 1-2 working days.
MTO (Made-to-order) : production needs 10-20 days before dispatch
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