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Muay boran
Muay Thai > Muay Thai History

Muay Boran - Ancient Muay

Muay Boran       When Muay Thai became internationalized, it had been influenced by various components of Western boxing. However, there were those who still fond of the original Thai boxing: Muay Boran (Ancient Muay) which is more authentic and traditional art form

      Nowadays Muay Boran is still taught in Thailand. In comparison with modern Muay, Muay Boran instructor emphasizes traditional insights and methods. He will not pass from one technique to another until he is certain that the students understand all it entails. Muay Boran students have to practice walking techniques for a month before being trained for other skills.

      The Yaang Sam Khum (The Muay Shuffle) is the core element of Muay Boran. It is called among those in the realms of Muay Boran as Tar Khru (The teacher's form) as it apparently reflects the teacher's unique methods and techniques. We can tell who the teacher of these fighters is just by watching them perform the Yaang Sam Khum.

      Muay Boran highly complies with its ancient forerunners in terms that very few rules are applied. Every single part of the body can potentially been a target. Within the hands of the professional fighters, some techniques can cause severe injuries. Unlike the boxing match today, the pairings for bouts are done according to the mutual consent, not by weighing. In all, Muay Boran is a highly beautiful, authentic, effective and ritualized form of muay.

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