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Muay Thai Massage
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Massage and its Benefits for Muay Thai fighters

muay thai The art of massage was introduced to the world more than 300 years before the Christian era. However, it was banned in the Middle Ages as a sinful activity. In the realm of sports, massage can be categorized into 2 groups: therapeutic massage and stimulation massage.
Therapeutic Massage includes 2 styles of massage:
  1. Effeurage involves stroking the muscles with the flat or the heel of the hand.

  2. Friction deals with squeezing with thumbs and making a circular motion. This will help prepare the body for a fight. Before starting a match, a boxer should be massaged to create swift and correct punches.

Stimulating Massage can be divided into 3 types:
  1. Tapotement processed by the forceful use of hand heel and by a slight slap. It helps build up muscular strength.

  2. Petrissage regards the manipulation of muscle in circular motion by the thumbs and index fingers. This massage is appropriate during the resting intervals between rounds.

  3. Vibration massage as implied by its name, it involves the vibration that delegated to the muscle tissue. This vibration movement is usually created by electrical tools which is very effective for muscle stimulation. However, this massage should not be applied during each round as it makes the boxers asleep.

The benefits of massage: proper massage creates positive effects on boxers in 2 ways:
  1. Physical way - Massage stimulates the mechanisms. This involves 2 nature of response:

         Mechanical responses include the fact that lymph and blood cells dispose of waste products. It even helps decrease scar formation as it releases blocked blood.
         Reflex action Massage alleviates the capacity of the nerve system. The brain can communicate with the muscles immediately. It also creates a state of relaxation with the light massage and active blood circulation with the vigorous massage.

  2. Psychological way - Massage helps reduce anxiety but increase enthusiasm as it makes the body feel energetic and strong.

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